Platelet Rich Plasma PRP Therapy for Men & Women

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PRP is a non-surgical option for patients whose hair is thinning or balding. Here at Steve Latham Hair Transplant Clinic, we offer the latest in hair restoration technology and solutions for anyone with any form of hair loss.


What Is Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy for Hair Loss?

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy is a newly developed hair restoration procedure that uses your body’s own platelet blood cells. These cells are injected into target areas, the dormant hair follicles get stimulated and become reactive in regrowing hair which can return you to a full head of hair again.

LabHow Does PRP Therapy Work?

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy works by isolating the platelet-rich plasma in your blood and then taking the PRP and putting it into target areas around the scalp. This same technique has been used in the past to repair cells but can not be used to reactivate the dormant hair follicles.

PRP Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy Benefits

PRP is thought of as a minimally invasive procedure. For men and women that are experiencing thinning hair or hair loss, PRP can be used to reactivate hair follicles that have become inactive. Many patients undergoing this procedure will see hair regrowth of their hair in a natural hair pattern.

What Is a Typical Procedure Like?

PRP Therapy treatments will start by extracting a small amount of blood that is used to separate and isolate your platelet blood cells. These isolated cells are then prepared to be injected into an individual’s target areas. The next step consists of micro-needling procedure, which uses a small handheld device to stimulate areas around the scalp where hair is thinning for balding. To make this injecting more comfortable for patients, lidocaine is often injected into the scalp before the procedure begins.

WIll Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy Work for Me?

Patients to be considered for PRP Therapy will have hair follicles that are only dormant and can benefit from reactivation. PRP is designed to stimulate the healthy but inactive hair follicles around the thinning and balding portion of a client’s scalp. If a patient doesn’t have hair follicles in these areas then there will be no benefit from having the PRP Therapy treatment. During a consultation with one of our hair specialists, they will examine your scalp and discuss your needs and expectations. They will let you know if you are a candidate for this type of procedure to restore your hair.

How Long Will It Take Before I See Results?

Recovery from a PRP Therapy treatment is normally very brief. Some patients may often experience some sensation after treatment similar to a mild sunburn within the days following treatment. As your dormant hair follicles react to the plasma injections and begin to regain normal function again, you will see normal hair patterns gradually start to be restored. Some of our patients undergo multiple PRP treatment sessions to optimize the results they are looking for.

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Hair loss and thinning hair can be emotionally traumatic and affect how you see yourself and how you react to others. For over 35 years, we have been helping men and women restore not only their hair, but also their confidence and their smile.

Whether you are experiencing thinning hair and want to stop your hair loss, or want more hair, we offer the latest clinically proven hair loss treatment and hair restoration solutions for men and women of all ages and hair types.

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